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WolfPack Tackle’s Ahi Head was developed to be the best swimming offshore head on the market. Whether fishing with a ballyhoo, other baits or a Wolfpack Ahi Tail, the weighted keel and ballyhoo stabilizer will keep your bait upright, and swimming perfectly.


Ahi Heads were designed to be modular and durable. The interchangeable silicon head covers remove the need to worry about the lure being damaged, or banging the boat fibre glass. The eyes are silicon welded on, so there is no glue to fail or paint to chip. The Hair is attached to a removable metal collar, which allows you to replace damaged hair, and create unique lure color combinations. 


The WolfPack Tackle Ahi Head also forms a perfect duo with the Ahi Tail (available seperately). The tail and head include a unique locking ‘snap fit’ mechanism, which makes rigging a breeze, and ballyhoo fishing a thing of the past.


Available in various colour combinations with 3.5oz or 5.5oz heads


 With the 3.5 or 5.5oz heads its is suggested to use a 9/0 hook when using the Ahi tails. Recommended brands include Mustad 7691, Jobu or Fudo Southern Tuna

WolfPack Ahi Head

PriceFrom £22.99
Size & Colour Options
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