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Introducing the Wolfpack Tackle Jet Heads, the valuable weapon to have in your pursuit of pelagic game fish.


What sets the Wolfpack Jet Heads apart is their adaptability. You have the choice of pairing them with the Wolfpack Ahi Tails along with their snap-and go tail locking system, or opting for a classic approach by using a ballyhoo or other deadbait. Whichever combination you choose, these jet heads are engineered to deliver outstanding results.


The 2oz Big Bertha Jet Head is a force to be reckoned with. Its larger size generates an impressive smoke trail, captivating the attention of not only blue fin tuna but also other big game fish. The billowing smoke acts as an irresistible invitation, drawing in these prized pelagic species and increasing your chances of a successful catch.


The Big Bertha Jet Heads feature their innovative interchangeable silicon cover, tail options, and nylon hair collars that are shared with the Ahi Head range. This design element enables you to easily switch colors or styles, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions or experiment with different presentations.



WolfPack Ahi Big Bertha Jet Head

Colour Combinations
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