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The Tuna Float, combined with the "Snap release" quick release system, represents  an innovative, yet simple and quick solution for drift fishing baits. The bright fluorescent colours create a highly visible indicator even at distance from the boat.


Made from robust ABS plastic and have a buoyancy level of 400g so will easily support a wide size range of baits in addition to 2 - 9oz of lead.


Setting up the float is simplicity itself.   Firstly open the carabiner loop and close around the mainline.  Next select the depth you want to fish at  by clipping the line into the quick release system and then just allow the float to drift away from the boat. 


After the bait is taken the mainline will be released from the clip and the float will slide freely on the main line remaining on the surface. This also acts as a visual guide for the angler and skipper showing the angle of the fish around the boat during the battle.


For night drifting there is a housing in the center of the float where a star light can be inserted.


Available in 5 Hi Vis colours   - Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Yellow



Top Game QR Tuna Float

Float Colour
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