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FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna Needle Eye Hooks feature a traditional tuna bend throat and offer anglers best in class strength, performance, and durability.


Though the Southern Tuna hook's heritage stems from its favour within the tuna fleet, they are excellent hooks for trolling all pelagic species and baiting swordfish.


The construction of this classic hook starts with premium Japanese stainless steel. Each hook is hand formed and sharpened by skilled craftsmen in Japan to ensure quality and fishability out of the box.

These hooks carry the Super Ocean designation, indicating they are built extra strong and will not fail when the fish of a lifetime is pulling its hardest. To achieve this strength, each hook is composed of premium Japanese stainless steel, using the wire of the larger size hook. Once the hook is formed, a proprietary heating treatment is applied.


The needle eye is the preferred hook connection point for building stainless steel cable hook rigs and rigging natural baits, creating a smooth transition and less bulk than ringed hooks. The eyes are formed with a punch and painstakingly deburred one at a time to eliminate rough edges that might otherwise fray cable or mono/fluorocarbon leader.


Comparable to a Mustard 7691 pattern


Two hooks per pack

FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna – Needle Eye

PriceFrom £19.99
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