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These inline lead olives are perfect for creating weighted stingers that fish just below the surface or using on dead bait rigs.  With a 3mm centre bore they can be easily rigged on all big game lines. 



Available in 2 or 4 oz sizes and in the following finishes


  • Uncoated / Plain
  • Lumo White Glow
  • Astral UV 


The two coatings can give any stinger an extra zing and offers a visual stimulant to any predatory fish. 


The two coatings, whilst they may appear similar, create two very different appearances to the tuna.


The Lumo Glow version emits a strong visible glow when charged by a light source and are ideal in low viz conditions and from dusk til dawn. This glow will be visible at depths of 100ft or more


The Astral UV version reacts to the UV in sunlight and emits a light that is not visible to the human eye other than a subtle change in colour. A great option when algal blooms are present, at dawn and dusk along with those days with light to heavy cloud probably the best all rounder for UK conditions? UV light only penetrates to around 100ft so below this the effect will be lost.


These olives are custom made to our specifications for us by our friends at C Weights.

Stinger Lead Olives

PriceFrom £1.85
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