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A straight forward trolling bar built on 4mm 316 stainless steel with bench crimped swivel sleeves.


24", 36" and 48" lengths available with either 2 or 4 side line drops.


We have found that the best way of rigging these is to use a short connection from the centre swivel upto a shackle. The heavier centre line is attached to the same shackle and a 12 or 15"  squid on a safety line to the shackle is slid down to cover the shackle. When deploying the rigged bar ensure the centre line is positioned below the  squid bar.


TT UK tip...... we advise using a 5" OTT teaser bird on the two outside squid lines to improve stability and making it easier to deploy or why not have one on each side line! 



Squid Bar

PriceFrom £9.50
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