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Every boat should have one!  As with chasing any big game fish then there is a risk of line becoming entangled on the rod or reel or even worse the angler or crew. Freeing the line under pressure is impossible so having a safety cutter available to hand can really save the day.


This cutter will  deal with both thick monofilament and braid with a quick swipe through the 3.5mm guide channel. Our safety cutter features a moving blade system that improves the speed of cutting as pressure is applied through the handle causing the blade to move and improve the cutting ability as soon as it comes into contact with the line.


Made from moulded plastic with a loop at the end so it can be attached to a lanyard or elastic band allowing it to be hung close to where the action is happening or clipped to a crews belt so its to hand immediately.


Sold individually

OTT Moving Edge Safety Cutter

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