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The Matsu circle hook is a well known pattern worldwide and we have sourced these from a supplier that produces hooks for many of the well known brands. 


These heavy weight hooks are made from 4 X high carbon steel wire with a forged shank.  Featuring an offset  bend  with a chemically sharpened and polished claw needle point that offers a robust hook for livebaiting and deadbait / chunking for tuna or sharks.  Finished in a black nickel which increases salt water resistance.


Available in the following sizes an due to the variation in circle hooks sizes we have included the wire diameter along with maximum length and width measurements for each hook


9/0  (2.9mm wire  L 48.2mm W 42.7mm)

10/0  (3.3mm wire L 51.4mm W 45.4mm)

12/0  (3.7mm wire L 56mm W 49.2mm)


5 hooks per pack.

OTT Matsu Xtra Circles

PriceFrom £4.79
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