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Direct from Momoi in Japan these aluminium alloy oval sleeves are suited for use with the range of Momoi leader lines but are just as superb for use with other monofilaments of corresponding diameters. When using any sleeve to crimp monofilament it is best to only crimp to within 1-2mm of the ends so leaving them slightly flared. 


Recognised for their high quality, smooth and burr free manufacturing process these sleeves are widely accepted as some of the best on the market.


Available in 4 sizes to suit various diameters as follows;


Size C - mono size 2.1mm to 2.35mm

Size D - mono size 1.9mm to 2.05mm

Size E - mono size 1.7mm to 1.80mm

Size F - mono size 1.5mm to 1.70mm


Available in packs of 50 or bulk packs of 500


Momoi Silver Lock Oval Sleeve Crimps

PriceFrom £7.75
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