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Here at Tuna Tackle UK we are happy to hand build custom bars for you, in house, using all our quality components that result in robust, reliable bars with patterns that catch fish and cope with the demands these dynamic fish place upon terminal tackle.


Due to the huge choice of options when it comes to these bars in terms of centre birds, line strengths, squid size, number and colour, splasher birds plus those finer finishing touches we prefer to speak to you directly to ensure we build to your specifications.


Our bars are already used by numerous skippers, both here in the UK and abroad, so we have a range of proven bar patterns that you can trust so you can just tell us your squid colour and size preference then leave the rest to us.


We can also build you one bar but supply different sets of squid lines so you can change colour and size quickly without having to have numerous bars on board.


So give us a call on 07843306661 to discuss your requirements and to confirm prices.


The prices below give you a guide to the cost of our standard build bars with the various centre bird options and 10 x 15.5" or 12" Squid.

14 squid patterns will be an additional £8 to the prices below


Additional items such as squid floats or 5" OTT splasher birds can be added upon request at extra cost.


All our bars are made using 4mm 316 grade Stainless Steel and feature the following as standard 

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Centre Line Loops
  • Quick change TT Bar Links
  • M4 316 stainless steel shackles
  • Oval Sleeve Crimps all bench crimped for reliability
  • Momoi X Hard Mono Centre Lines & Safety Lines
  • All squid rigged with a wooden bead and RB lumo bead
  • 550 / 700lb Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivel



Our bars DO NOT come with a rigged stinger so should be ordered seperately


Complete Custom Bars

PriceFrom £99.00
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