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An innovative quick livebait clip from the team at Top Game Fishing in Italy. The loaded clip is rigged on the well known Charlie Brown Circle hooks and now makes the process of mounting a free swimming livebait  hassle free. The clip positions the hook over the fishes nose as it would be when rigging using a briddle set up.


The clip wire is opened,  passed through the livebaits nasal cavities and the bait fed round onto the loop then the clip closed.  This causes minimal damage to the fish and doesnt limit its action so producing a bait that will work for a long time when trolled or drifted.  


We stock these in two hooks sizes with options on the clip size to suit various live bait sizes.


A medium sized bait clip would suit baits upto to large mackerel whilst bigger baits than this would be best suited to the large bait clip.


9/0 Edo Charlie Brown Large hook with a Medium Clip  ( Two Hooks per pack)

10/0 Edo Charlie Brown XL hook with a Medium Clip (1 hook per pack)

10/0 Edo Charlie Brown XL hook with a Large Clip (1 hook per pack)


Charlie Brown Circles with Top Game Live Bait Clips

PriceFrom £15.99
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