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When John Carlson releases an upgrade you know its going to be something to take notice of and the Ultimate Trolling Bird is now a legendary Tuna catcher.   


The balanced aluminium wing bar gives great stability and causes a tight wobble action that creates plenty of 'noise' at the head of the pattern.  Whilst commonly fished as the centre on trolling bars these can be a deadly lead teaser when rigged with a trolled weighted deadbait.  

These 12" birds are through wired with incredibly thick gauged wire and we suggest using a 4mm D shackle to attached safety leader and centre line at either end. Comes  pre rigged with a 350lb snap swivel and split ring. 


Carlson Ultimate Trolling Birds are available in a variety of tuna-producing colours, and are a lethal addition to any skippers offshore arsenal.


  • Built from high impact plastic
  • Welded, stainless steel thru-wired
  • Internal belly weight
  • Stainless steel ball bearing swivel and split ring (350lb bs) 
  • Pre-drilled 3mm hole to turn into bird bar


At Tuna Tackle UK we tend to build our Carlson bars with 4mm stainless bars so the bird will need to be drilled out, which is an easy process.


Priced per bird

Carlson Ultimate Trolling Birds

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