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These Bangers Teasers Side Trackers allow you to fish your bars wider in smoother water out of the prop wash so especially handy for those of you without outriggers. 


The 7" line through bird  has a fully adjustable vane so can be fished either port or starboard side and when set to full keel can give as much as 10m of width compared to a normal bird. The vane is secured with two stainless steel screws so no fiddly nuts or springs to adjust them.  If you want to fish them straight then simply remove the vane or set it to the  vertical inline position.


Setting these up is simple and gives you a robust straight forward adjustment using two stainless steel screws that lock the vane in position. Ensure that the vane is positioned with the longest section of the keel facing forward.


Supplied un rigged allowing you to drill your desired bar hole through the bird.


However, we can custom rig them with a bar length of your choice and swivel arrangement on 3 or 4mm bars or even supply fully rigged bars and squid.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and prices 


1 per pack 


Bangers Teasers Side Tracker Birds

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