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WolfPack Tackle’s Ahi Casting Lure is the most natural swimming and falling casting lure on the market. From tuna to tarpon, it’s through-wire design allows this lure to hold up to any big game fish.


The durable silicone cover and self-locking tail system means this lure swims perfect every time, and will hold up to bite after bite without falling apart. 

The interchangeable system and pre-molded hook slots, mean you can customize these lures with any Ahi Tail color you want, and can be swapped in less than 10 seconds. 


The lure is around 275mm in total length for the 4oz version and comes fully rigged so simply connect to your leader and off you go!



  • Heavy Duty 330lb power swivel
  • Silicone head cover and tail protects the lure and your boat
  • Heavy Duty 8/0 hook
  • Superior quality locking tail allows for multiple fish to be caught using the same tail

WolfPack Ahi Casting Lure

PriceFrom £23.99
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