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The AFW Sea Grip Super Fabric Offshore Gloves are the perfect choice for any big game fishing adventure. Built with superior quality materials, these gloves are robust and widely used for leadering large fish. The strong fabric and extra grip ensure a secure hold, while the adjustable wrist strap ensures a comfortable fit. Highly rated by big game anglers, these gloves will give you the confidence to handle your next battle during those final moments..


  • Extra long cuff extends up to the wrist for added comfort and protection
  • 4-ply SuperFabric on the palm offers superior protection against the sharpest objects and maximum grip for wire and mono leaders
  • Wrap-around 4-ply section covers on outer edge and side of hands
  • 3-ply SuperFabric on the fingers is the perfect combination of protection and dexterity


One Size and priced per pair

AFW Sea Grip Super Fabric Offshore Gloves

SKU: AFW-SG Gloves
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